The effective pushing and braking aid

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v-max rocker switch

v-max & v-max+

Be more active and increase your radius of mobility

There are situations when it is difficult to manoeuvre your manual wheelchair. Allow yourself and your attendant the effective support of an additional electric power on difficult terrain, ramps or tracks.

The pushing and braking aid v-max makes it easier for you to drive on slopes thus increasing your radius of action considerably. Going down-hill the v-max brakes automatically which makes your descent safer.

Thus you gain in mobility and security. The v-max can be mounted to virtually all wheelchairs from a seat width of 36 cm and more.

Thanks to its low weight and its compact measurements, you may transport the device without problems.

Also the legroom for the attendant fully remains, so that you can even drive on divided ramps up to a gradient of 20 %.