If the journey is the reward...

The powerful motor relieves you in all driving situations. In conjunction with the new lithium ion battery the CAMILINO has a range up to 13.2 km.

Advantages that convince —

the icing on the cake


Because of its compact design and small dimensions the battery is integrated in the power unit. The battery is particularly lightweight weighing only 1.9 kg.

The effortlessly operated control lever providesfurther substantial assistance. Thus longer trips arepossible starting now. The height adjustment of the ergonomically designed control grip makes a personal adjustment and thus a relaxed operation of the CAMILINO possible.
By means of the reliable AAT bracket system the CAMILINO can be attached to virtually every commercial wheelchair, which means that you do not have to be without your personal adjusted wheelchair.

Finally, the CAMILINO’s integrated spring system provides a constant contact pressure and, therefore, safe, comfortable driving uphill and downhill.

Innovative technology and new design

with CAMILINO you can master all distances


  • Effortlessly operated control lever
  • Lightweight lithium ion battery with a range up to 13.2 km
  • Slopes up to 18%
  • Applicable to almost all manual wheelchairs of a seat width at least 32 cm
  • Compact an lightweight
  • Intergrated and swiveling antitilt support

Total weight, approved (1) 180 kg
Possible from a seat width of 32 cm and more
Speed adjustable
forward | backwart 5.5 km/h | 2.5 km/h
Range with one charge
of the batteries (2)
up to 13.2 km
Braking-/climbing capacity  (3) up to 18%
Battery technology Lithium-ion
Batteries 25,2 V / 11,4 Ah
Direct current motor 24 V / 200 W
Weight, drive unit incl. grips 16.1 kg
Weight, battery pack 1.9 kg
Total weight (without battery) 16.1 kg
Noise data 55 dB (A)
Application class B
(1) Please note the manufacturer’s stipulations for the maximum load.
(2) According to ISO 7176-4, the range depends on the person’s weight, the underground, the territory, the temperature, etc.
(3) The braking- / climbing capacity with a total weight of 120 kg (weight of the person approx. 80 kg) amounts up to 18 %.
With a total weight of 180 kg (weight of the person approx. 140 kg) the braking-/ climbing capacity decreases up to 12 %.



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