The multifunctional transportation aid

Solve your problems of transportation quickly and efficiently

There are hotels and boarding houses without elevators. For people with a walking disability stairs are a great obstacle that must be conquered. Also transporting loads such as suitcases or laundry containers over stairs is a challenge.

Transportation problems easily solved —

barrier-free with the Vario-max

As a stair climber for persons or loads, on stairs as well as on even ground, the Vario-max is your solution for transportation. Its low weight and easy handling make the Vario-max a transportation aid you don’t want to do without anymore. Reduce health risks and economize costs. The Vario-max takes over your heavy jobs.

Vario-max —

The multifunctional transportation aid

  • Transportation of persons up to 160 kg
  • Transportation of goods up to 170 kg
  • Can also be used as a wheelchair
  • No damage of the load nor the edges of steps
  • High manoeuvrability, even on very narrow stairs
  • Can be used on virtually all types of stair coverings
  • Automatic braking function when
  • climbing downstairs
  • Single step mode
  • Failsafe tyres
  • Includes full belt safety harness

moving —

the vario-max in action

 Part-No. 105000
Max. load (goods) 170 kg
Max. load (persons) 160 kg
Climbing speed 8 - 23 (continually adjustable)
Batteries 2 x 12 V / 5 Ah
Range with one charge
of the batteries
approx. 10 - 25 levels
Height of step 21 cm (22,5 cm extended)
Weight, battery pack 4.3 kg
Weight, seat 8.2 kg
Weight, power unit 22.5 kg
Total weight 35 kg


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