The stair climber for undertakers

Reduce health risks for your personnel – let the STH do your heavy labour.

Individually adjustable to virtually all types of stretchers

Due to the individually adjustable brackets, almost all types of stretchers can quickly and safely be attached to the STH. Because of its special construction design, the weight, and thus the center of gravity, is distributed optimally.

The STH’s climbing mechanism assures safe transportation on almost all types of stairs, inside as well as outside. The safety brakes stop automatically at each step’s edge.


The stair climber for undertakers

  • Effortless transportation upstairs and downstairs
  • „Width adjustment for various stretchers
  • Applicable on virtually all types of stairs
  • Lock of the battery pack, standard production
  • „Continuously adjustable climbing speed
  • Lightweight and sturdy frame, made of aluminum
  • „Automatic safety brakes
  • No damage on the stairs
  • „Maintenance-free
  • Made in Germany

Innovative technology that inspires —

The mounting of the bracket

1. Adjust the width of the brackets

2. Attach the stretcher with a quick pin

With little effort the STH can be converted to transport heavy loads.

PART-No. 100543
Approved total weight 170 kg
Climbing speed (step/minute) 8 - 23
Capacity with one charge of the battery (number of floors depends on the load) 10 - 25
Empty weight without batteries 27,8 kg
Height 1984 mm
Width 606 mm
Depth 451 mm

In the interest of progress we reserve the right for technical changes.


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