s-max sella aviation

The multi-functional stair climber

The AAT stair climbers are already in use on more than 100 international and regional Airports.

Ground-breaking, due to innovative technology —

our AVIATION products convince on all counts

Particularly when it comes to small airplane types, it is very difficult and time-consuming to overcome stairs. High steps, narrow stairs or aisles, with the s-max sella aviation you overcome these barriers elegantly and without great physical effort.
The s-max sella aviation is the ideal solution for airplanes with integrated stairs, in which case you take the stair climber with you aboard. It is foldable and can be taken apart, so that it can be easily stored in closed confines.

Control unit and handles were designed according to the latest ergonomic findings.

ComfortStep —

The combination of pleasant driving characteristics
and a comfortable climbing experience

ComfortStep was developed for the stair climber series s-max and c-max. It revolutionizes the previously existing climbing kinematics of these stair climbers. For the transported person this is particularly evident because of a comfortable climbing process characterized by low vibrations ComfortStep is a standard component of each s-max and c-max stair climber. It works in the single step mode as well as in the regular climbing mode. The adaptation to a variety of step heights is a further function provided by ComfortStep. This makes an easy and individual adaptation to your particular stairs possible.


Advantages that convince

  • Pleasant and comfortable climbing process
  • Individually adjustable to various steps’ heights
  • Available for the single step mode as well as the regular climbing mode

Ground-breaking, due to innovative technology —

our AVIATION products convince on all counts

  • easy handling
  • compact dimensions
  • individually applicable
  • minimal physical effort
  • variable speed
  • reliable and low in maintenance
  • useful accessories
  s-max sella aviation
Total weight approved 200 kg
Max. weight of the person 160 kg
Climbing speed (continually adjustable) 8 - 23 steps per minute
Range with one charge of the batteries equates 225 steps
Max. height of step 255 mm
Batteries 2 x 12 V / 3,3 Ah
Direct current motor 24 V / 275 W
Weight, climbing unit 21 kg
Weight, handle incl. seat 14,8 kg
Weight battery pack 3,0 kg
Total weight 38,8 kg

s-max sella aviation


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