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product solutions for various industries

Funeral industrie - STH

The stair climber for undertakers

  • Individually adjustable width of the bracket
  • Quick and safe attachement of the stretcher
  • Automatic safety brakes

Ambulances and driving services

Stair climbers by AAT

  • Easy combination with several transportation chairs
  • Stair climbers with integrated seat unit
  • Equipped for all kinds of situations

Hotel industry and public buildings

The stair climber Vario-max

  • Transportation of persons or loads
  • High manoeuvrability, even on narrow stairs
  • Automatic braking function when climbing downstairs

Transportation of passengers with reduced mobility

Stair climbers for airports

  • For all commercial aircraft types and smaller regional jets
  • Safe and comfortable transport directly to the seat
  • For almost all kind of stairs - inside or outside