The power support for your wheelchair

The SERVO makes it possible for wheelchair users — even with reduced strength — to move independently and increase their range of action.


Easy mobile —


The SERVO – powered wheels are disengaged easily and without tools.
Each  foldable wheelchair with attached SERVO may be folded as before. Due to the SERVO’s new wheel mounting system, NUI, the powered wheels are easily stored next to or on top of each other.
The SERVO fits almost into any trunk because it can be stored in a space-saving way. He powered wheels without stud axles are particularly easily stored, also in narrow spaces.

The SERVO fits almost into any trunk because it can be stored in a space-saving way.

Groundbreaking, due to innovative technology —

the SERVO convinces on all counts


  • Lithium ion battery with a range up to 55 km
  • NUI – novel mounting and locking system for the powered wheels
  • Powered wheels without stud axles
  • Supports the initial propel-ling movement up to 6 km/h
  • Individual mounting to almost all commercially available wheelchairs
  • Lightweight, compact and manoeuvrable
  • Easily stored and trans-ported, also fits in narrow spaces
  • ALPHA concept, a combination of state-of-the-art electrical drives and lithium ion batteries

ALPHA Konzept

Synergy of power and effortlessness

The ALPHA concept is the new measure of all things concerning state-of-the-art engines in connection with the newly developed battery pack with lithium ion technology. This concept is the reason why the SERVO reaches a range up to 55 km while the battery merely weighs 4.2 kg.

Innovative technology that inspires —

mounting the SERVO

The newly developed mounting and locking system, NUI, does not need stud axles any more, which makes a fast and effortless mounting of the powered wheels to the wheelchair possible. Since the SERVO can be mounted to almost all wheelchairs, you do not need to do without your personal wheelchair you are used to.

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