Selection guide for stair climbers

The following comparision will help you with selecting the right product for you

Stair climbers with integrated seat unit c-max 140CR23s-max sella 135s-max sella 160 
Total weight approved  173 kg 271 kg 171 kg 198 kg  
Range with one charge of the batteries approx. 25 levels approx. 375 levels approx. 25 levels approx. 21 levels  
Steps per minute  9 — 23 8 — 21 7 — 23 8 — 23  
Features In the field of rehabilitation, the stair climbers make it possible to simply conquer the problem of overcoming stairs.
This makes a person independent, be it in a private or a professional environment.


 Stair climbers for your wheelchairs-max 135s-max 160  
Total weight approved 155 kg 180 kg    
Range with one charge of the batteries approx. 26 levels approx. 20 levels    
Steps per minute 5 — 20 8 — 23    
Features The stair climbers of the s-max-series fit on almost all current wheelchair models.
The climbing speed as well as the range depend on the person’s weight, the use of ComfortStep, etc.


The stair climber for your wheelchair

  • ComfortStep - for a comfortable riding experience
  • Automatic braking function when descending
  • High versatility, even on narrow stairs

s-max sella

The versatile stair climber with integrated seat

  • This stair climber is applicable on virtually all types of stairs
  • For transportation you can fold up or disassemble the s-max sella easily
  • Integrated seat


The universal stair climber

  • Low weight and easy disassembly
  • High versatility, even on winding or narrow staircases
  • Integrated safety brakes


The power pack among the stair climbers

  • Maximum weight of the person is 230 kg
  • Foldable, thereby space-saving storage
  • ComfortStep - for a comfortable riding experience