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The BATEC SCRAMBLER 2 is renewed with new electronics that optimize engine performance and constantly provide maximum power at any speed and on any terrain, allowing high speeds to be maintained even on very steep climbs.


Thanks to its motorcycle-like design and improved safety, the BATEC SCRAMBLER 2 is the perfect traction device for any terrain.





Advantages, that convince


roter haken Go from reduced mobility to augmented mobility, from needing help from others to being self-sufficient and proactive.

roter hakenGet a 2-in-1: a motor for your wheelchair without sacrificing the benefits of a manual wheelchair.

roter hakenOvercome barriers: kerbs, cobblestones, irregular terrain, etc.
Don’t let anything slow you down!

roter hakenAttach it to your wheelchair in just seconds without transfers.
The fastest anchor system on the market!

roter hakenAlso available for quadriplegics and hemiplegics.

You CAN get used to being in a wheelchair,
but not giving up on LIFE.


More powerful and safer, the BATEC SCRAMBLER 2 presents a wide range of improvements that will delight fans of speed and off-road experiences. If you are looking for intense feelings, the BATEC SCRAMBLER 2 is the perfect solution for you.


  • Easy docking system for attaching to the wheelchair in seconds
  • 19" x 2.75" ultra-grip tires and black aluminum guess rim
  • Brushless motor, nominal power: 300 W, maximum power: 1620 W
  • Maximum speed up to 30 km/h***
  • 22 km range with 36 V - 280 Wh battery / 50 km range with 48 V - 678 Wh battery*
  • 4A charger
  • All-in-one LCD display with cycling computer and battery display
  • Floating dual brake system
  • Galfer 203 mm floating brake disc with anodized red accents
  • Parking brake and cut-off ignition
  • 2000 lumen front light (retro-look) with position light and high beam
  • LED dual rear light on stand
  • Horn and USB charging port
  • Removable right protective cap, for convenient replacement of the tube or tire
  • Handlebars in matte black aluminum
  • Gas&Brake handlebars without grips for quadriplegics (optional)
  • Accelerator lever and monolever brake for people with hemiplegia **
  • Storage bag
  • Removable QR weights for better traction

*Autonomy calculated under the following conditions: 75 – kg user, ultra-light wheelchair, flat terrain, no wind and steady speed of 15 km/h. May vary +- 20% depending on the battery. 

**Handlebar for hemiplegics can be mounted on the left or right.

*** Within the area of validity of the german traffic regulations (StVO), the speed may not exceed 6 km/h. A speed of 30 km/h is only permitted on private property.


Nummer/Version: MM-009/2.0



The BATEC SCRAMBLER 2 is listed in the catalogue of therapeutic appliances. Pos.-No.

BATEC SCRAMBLER 2 The adventure is everywhere


BATEC SCRAMBLER 2 The adventure is everywhere


BATEC SCRAMBLER 2 The adventure is everywhere


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