You CAN get used to being in a wheelchair,

but not giving up on LIFE.




The history of Batec Mobility is closely linked to its founder, Pau Bach. In 1997 Pau was involved in a traffic accident that left him quadriplegic. He was eighteen years old and had, up until then, led a very active life. A passionate lover of motorbikes and cycling, he was in his first year of industrial design, which he had chosen because he wanted to become a vehicle designer.

In addition to the after-effects of the injury itself, Pau had to struggle with an offer of technical and orthopaedic aids that did not fulfil his expectations, either in terms of mobility or in terms of lifestyle.

Frustrated with the situation, he decided to start manufacturing by hand his own mobility solutions: add-on handbikes that could be connected to his wheelchair and which incorporated technology from cycling and electric vehicles. Thanks to his inventions, Pau was able to enjoy a new kind of mobility that allowed him to practise sports, travel and get around autonomously.


Batec Mobility’s mission is to radically improve the mobility of people with physical disabilities.

We believe and see every day that an effective and significant improvement in the mobility of a person who has limited mobility as a result of an injury or illness, has a direct, positive impact on their quality of life. And that is why we design, manufacture and sell innovative, attractive and high quality products (the Batec handbikes) that aim to match the mobility of such people – and therefore their lifestyle – with that of people without disabilities.



Latour acquired Batec Mobility

January 30, 2020

Investment AB Latour (publ) has, through its subsidiary MS Group AB, former REAC Group, acquired Batec Mobility, S.L. in 2020. Since then BATEC belongs to the MS Group AB with its members REAC AB (Sweden) and AAT Alber Antriebstechnik GmbH (Germany).

AAT becomes official distributor for Germany

June 01, 2021

AAT Alber Antriebstechnik GmbH based in Albstadt (Germany) acquires the distribution of the electrical handbikes of BATEC Mobility as of June 1, 2021. This takeover aims at utilizing existing synergies for the benefit of the dealer and end customers as well as for the further development of the product and service range.

We all have one common goal: to provide our end customers with the best possible BATEC experience - today and in the future!


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If you’re looking for a compact, practical, versatile mobility solution without sacrificing quality and power, the BATEC MINI 2 is the perfect handbike for you. Its simple folding system makes it easy to carry and combine with other transport options, like car or train. You can also park it comfortably in small corners, under a table or wherever you need to.


This model offers the best of the original BATEC and the latest Batec handbike technology: reverse gear and all-in-one screen. The BATEC ELECTRIC 2 has the perfect balance with a 18” wheel and a new wider and ultra-grip exclusive tyre. Maximum speed 25 km/h. Perfect for urban areas or the countryside.



Are you looking for high speed and even more off-road performance? Then the BATEC SCRAMBLER 2 is the perfect handbike for you.

The BATEC SCRAMBLER 2 is equipped with its own innovative electronics and a more biker and off-road oriented look. Convince yourself of its speed and excellent grip.




If you like to exercise healthily BATEC HYBRID 2 is the perfect option for you. It brings together the technology of the BATEC ELECTRIC and BATEC MANUAL handbikes in a single product to become the equivalent of an electrically assisted bicycle.

The power of its motor will give you the push you need whenever you require a bit of assistance.