s-max with universal rack SDM7

Your solution for all wheelchair transports

Transporting persons in their own wheelchair is a great challenge in various ways. Many buildings have stairs already in the foyer or the entrance area. With the help of the stair climber s-max in combination
with the universal rack SDM7 it is possible to transport a person in his own wheelchair easily and comfortably up and down stairs. Incidentally, it does not matter whether the stairs are inside or outside.

The combination s-max / SDM7 is available with a permitted total weight of 155 kg or 180 kg. Because of its universal application such as for the transportation of ill or handicapped people or its use in public buildings, the SDM7 becomes your ideal and indispensible solution for all problems of transportation.

 s-max in combination with
universal rack SDM7
 s-max sella 135s-max sella 160
Max. weight of the person 135 kg 160 kg
Total weight approved 157 kg 184 kg
Potential wheel sizes

12“, 16“, 20“, 24“

(Depending on the wheelchair)

Potential seat width 340 - 430 mm 380 - 530 mm
Weight of the SDM7 8.4 kg 8.5 kg
Weight climbing unit inc. batteries 19.2 kg 21.8 kg
Total weight 35.8 kg 37.8 kg
Track width: wheels of the wheelchair

min. 395 mm

max. 715 mm

min. 445 mm

max. 760 mm

Width: back rest

min. 340 mm

max. 430 mm

min. 380 mm

max. 520 mm

(1) The climbing speed as well as the range with one charge of the batteries is reduced if the ComfortStep is activated.


Accessorie SDM7 for
s-max D1352

Accessorie SDM7 for
s-max D1601

300985 300986


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